Personalized sales letters for target accounts


Stand out from the competition by sending personalized letters. Whether you're looking to find new customers or restart conversations with prospects who have gone dark, our done-for-you service will make sure you're on their radar.

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How does it work?

Put simply - we find your target customers, write hard-hitting letters to get them to respond, and then send those letters out. In a bit more detail, our team of expert researchers finds contacts that match your dream customer profile, we personalize each letter by using our state-of-the-art handwriting software, and then we send each personalized letter for you.

You can rest easy knowing that each letter is addressed to a decision-maker at your target accounts.


How much does it cost?

We have two separate options for personalized sales letters. One has us using targeted sales as the sole channel. The other uses the Conversations signature approach - multi-touchpoint campaigns that combine email, sales letters, and social platforms to drive heavy conversions.



Sales letters

100-500 outbound letters*

Up to 300 words per letter

Hand-researched contacts

Custom-written copy

PRICE: $5 per letter


*(Please contact us for volume discounts above 500 letters per month)



Multi-touch campaign

300 targeted prospects

Sales letter outreach

LinkedIn outreach

Email outreach

price: $5,000 per month